Sussex Victoria Day 9/10 Invitational 2017

December 23, 2020

Sussex Insurance South Van Little League Victoria Day 9/10 Invitational TournamentSouth Van Little League hosted the 4th annual Sussex Insurance Victoria Day 9/10 Invitational May 18-22. Schedule and details on the tournament page.

Congratulations Jericho Red Sox, winning gold against the South Van Falcons who won silver.

The Bronze medal game was won by the Langley Rebels.

Congratulations to all teams that participated.

Langley Pink Bat Tournament 2017

November 14, 2018

South Van Veterans Juniors

South Van Veterans Juniors team at Langley Pink Bat Tournament

South Van Veterans finished 2nd place in the Langley Pink Bat Juniors tournament after a rain-delayed championship game played on May 22.

Games at Langley City Park, hosted by Langley Baseball.

GameMay 13 12:45pm[4] South Van Veterans[6] Langley
GameMay 13 7:30pm[4] South Van Veterans[0] New West Blue Jays
GameMay 14 12:30pm[11] South Van Veterans[10] South Van Rays
GameMay 14 3:00pm[9] South Van Veterans[1] Langley
FinalMay 22 2:00pm[2] South Van Veterans[5] Langley

D6 All-Stars T-Ball Jamboree 2017

November 14, 2018

Hosted by Trout Lake Little League.

Game 1June 24 12:00pmSouth VancouverNew Westminster
Game 4June 25 12:00pmHastingsSouth Vancouver
Game 5June 25 2:00pmTrout LakeSouth Vancouver

Langley Select 9 Tournament 2017

November 14, 2018

South Vancouver Select 9’s played in the Langley Select 9’s tournament.
Games at Langley Park hosted by Langley Baseball.

GameJuly 7 6:00pm[13] South Vancouver[10] Coquitlam
GameJuly 8 6:00pm[9] South Vancouver[14] Kerrisdale
GameJuly 9 12:00pm[20] South Vancouver[11] Trout Lake
GameJuly 10 6:00pm[18] South Vancouver[10] Little Mountain
GameJuly 13 6:00pm[7] South Vancouver[12] Langley
PlayoffsJuly 15 3:30pm[L] South Vancouver[W] Whalley

Lynn Valley Select 9 Tournament 2017

November 14, 2018

South Van Little League Select 9’s finished third place in the Lynn Valley 9 Year Old Selects Invitational Tournament at Kilmer Park.

GameJune 30 6:00pm[11] South Vancouver[5] Jericho
GameJuly 1 4:00pm[6] Lynn Valley[11] South Vancouver
GameJuly 2 12:00pm[4] West Vancouver[19] South Vancouver
Semi-FinalJuly 3 10:00am[11] Kerrisdale[10] South Vancouver
ConsolationJuly 3 2:00pm[6] Jericho[8] South Vancouver

Ross Dower Majors Tournament 2017

November 14, 2018

South Van Vipers played in the 2017 Ross Dower Majors Tournament hosted by Little Mountain Baseball at Oak Park.

GameMarch 31 5:30pm[2] South Van Vipers[8] Little Mountain Yankees
GameApril 1 1:00pm[8] South Van Vipers[11] Little Mountain Real Good Show
GameApril 2 1:00pm[5] South Van Vipers[3] Little Mountain Abbies Sports

2017 Season Results

November 15, 2018

2017 Season ResultsCongratulations to the teams winning the in-house championships:

Rookies – Steinbocks
Minors – Falcons
Majors – Yankees

D6 All-Stars Majors Tournament

November 14, 2018

Hosted by New Westminster Little League at Justin Morneau Field at Moody Park.

Game 1July 8 12:00pm[3] New Westminster[16] South Vancouver
Game 4July 9 3:00pm[8] South Vancouver[4] Trout Lake
Game 6July 11 6:00pm[13] South Vancouver[12] Hastings
Semi-FinalJuly 12 6:00pm[9] New Westminster[3] South Vancouver
Semi-FinalJuly 14 6:00pm[4] South Vancouver[15] New Westminster

D6 All-Stars 9/10 Tournament

November 14, 2018

Hosted by Hastings Little League at the Richard Saunders Field at Hastings Park.

Game 1July 1 12:00pm[23] South Vancouver[9] New Westminster
Game 4July 2 3:00pm[18] South Vancouver[8] Trout Lake
Game 6July 3 3:00pm[19] South Vancouver[16] Hastings
Semi-FinalJuly 5 6:00pm[5] New Westminster[19] South Vancouver
ChampionshipJuly 7 6:00pm[9] South Vancouver[16] Hastings
ChampionshipJuly 8 6:00pm[16] Hastings[6] South Vancouver

D6 All-Stars Rookies Tournament

November 14, 2018

Hosted by Trout Lake Little League.

Game 1June 24 12:00pm[8] New Westminster[15] South Vancouver
Game 4June 25 3:00pm[17] Trout Lake[10] South Vancouver
Game 6June 27 6:00pm[8] Hastings[1] South Vancouver
Semi-FinalJune 29 6:00pm[2] South Vancouver[13] Trout Lake