Volunteer Requirements

All coaches, league executive, concession supervisors, and other volunteers working with youth are required to (#1) have a recent record clearance on file with SVLL by May 1. All coaches from T-Ball to Juniors must complete (#2) Respect In Sport course prior to May 1. These standards are to protect the safety of our players.

#1 - Have a criminal record & vulnerable sector clearance done with local authorities

  • SVLL prefers to have a clearance done with the Province of BC eCRC service. When asked for the league's access code use the code provided by your division coordinator. This clearance is at no cost to you or the league. The clearance will be sent to the league directly and you will receive a confirmation of clearance from SVLL. Should you require fingerprints to confirm identity, you will be reimbursed with submission of a receipt.

#2 - Complete the Respect In Sport For Activity Leaders online course.

  • All coaches in T-Ball , Rookies, Minors, Majors, and Juniors divisions must take the course prior to May 1. Instructions will be emailed by SVLL with a link and prepaid code to enroll to the prepaid course. Please contact your division coordinator for this information.
  • If you have already completed the Activity Leaders course (for another sport or Scouts Canada) within the past 5 years you can register your completion with the same link without payment and without taking the course again.

Clearances FAQ

How often to I have to get a clearance done?

Your clearance is valid with SVLL for no more than 3 seasons. The Safety Officer may request an updated clearance to ensure a high safety standard for the League.

I’m a division coordinator. What do I do with clearances and receipts?

Get them to the Safety Officer for filing and receipt reimbursement.

Is my information private?

Your clearance is filed with the Safety Officer, and is made available only to the President, if needed.

How long does it take to get a clearance done?

eCRC results are typically completed within 2 weeks.

I have an eCRC with another organization, do I need to get another one done?

If the eCRC was performed within the last 3 years and is of the same type, you can share your clearance with SVLL by using the Access Code. If the clearance is older than 3 years, a new clearance is needed. Apply for the eCRC with the usual link, after confirming identity you can select an option to share a previous check with another organization.

The eCRC I received say it is good for 5 years from issuance. Why do I have to have an new clearance if it says it is still good?

The eCRC shows the maximum time the clearance can be considered effective for any use. SVLL requires clearances on a more frequent basis.

I cannot apply online for the eCRC program without a manual confirmation of identity. How do I have this done?

The eCRC program relies on a credit check to verify identity, and some circumstances such as limited credit history or having recently moved may require a manual verification of identity. The form provided can be used to have your ID verified by any member of the SVLL executive for you to fax in to the program. 

I have a BackCheck from another volunteer service. Do I have to get another clearance done?

Yes. BackCheck clearances do not meet minimum standards for clearances and a check with the provincial eCRC, VPD or RCMP is required.

I have a recent criminal record check done for work, can I submit a copy of this?

Most work record checks do not require a vulnerable sector check. Unless the check shows a “vulnerable sector check” was performed, it cannot be used.

I am a youth volunteer. Do I need to have a clearance done?

No. Clearances cannot be done for youth under 18 and the League considers these waived. 

By what date do I need to have a clearance completed?

A clearance needs to be received and on file by no later than May 1 of the current season. If this is the first time SVLL has requested a clearance and you have not yet received it (allowing for the 2-4 week processing time) proof of applying (online reference number or fee receipt) may be sufficient to allow coaching. All others without confirmation or clearance will be removed from coaching.

I coached in a previous year but did not get a clearance completed. Can I coach this season?

No. If a clearance was requested and not submitted, the League cannot permit you to coach until a clearance is on file. A receipt for the clearance in this case is not sufficient.

What if my clearance comes back with a record of any type?

The President and Safety Officer will follow up with the volunteer to understand the circumstances and may bring it to the league executive for an in-camera decision on eligibility to coach. This may result in a one year waiver with an annual clearance to continue coaching, or denying eligibility to volunteer with the League. If the offence involves youth, Little League International prevents anyone from coaching without a waiver from Little League.

What if I have other questions about the clearances or the process?

Email any questions to clearances@svll.ca

Online Safety Training

Online safety training for coaches and parents

Respect In Sport Activity Leaders

Required for all coaches. littleleaguecanada.respectgroupinc.com please contact your division coordinator for instructions and the prepaid code. SVLL will not reimburse fees for this course but will provide a prepaid code.


Respect In Sport Parents

Required for parents of All-Stars and optional for any parents, without reimbursement by the League. svllparent.respectgroupinc.com with instructions here.


Training FAQ

Do I have to pay for the Respect In Sport For Activity Leaders course?

This is a paid course that South Vancouver Little League has prepaid. At no point do you need to pay for this and submit for reimbursement. Please be sure to use the prepaid code provided by your division coordinator and do not pay separately.

I’m having trouble registering for the course where do I go for help?

Use the Respect In Sport help desk for issues registering or completing the course. If you need a prepaid code contact safety@svll.ca 

I have completed the Respect In Sport for Activity Leaders course with another organization. Do I have to take the course again?

No. Follow the link provided to register your completion against Little League Canada (South Vancouver Little League) at no cost. Note that training older than 5 years cannot be shared.

Why do I have to take the course prior to May 1?

SVLL runs a short season, and coaches are determined early enough in April to allow for the training to take place. Coaches who have not completed the course may be removed as a coach at the discretion of the Safety Officer.

For how long is my Respect In Sport certification valid?

Respect In Sport courses are as valid for as long as the program allows, currently 5 years. If you have taken the course more than this long ago you will need to take the course again as it has changed.

I have taken the Respect In Sport for Parents course, do I also have to take the Activity Leaders Course if I am coaching?

If you are coaching, you need to take the Activity Leaders course. The Parents course does not go to the depth the Activity Leaders course does.

Team Safety Representative

Team Safety Rep Duties
(revised May 2021)

Code of Conduct

Concussion Safety

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