Majors and Minors send house game scores (South Van vs South Van) to

Any interlock and tournament games can be scored directly in TeamSnap.

2020 Rule Changes

Changes to the Little League rules for the 2020 season:

Online Safety Training

See our Safety page for Respect in Sport training and record clearance requirements.

Game Rainouts

Division coordinators are to be notified immediately by the home team manager of any games called due to weather. Division coordinators are to reschedule the game in accordance to the rules, and notify the division umpire coordinator and Information Officer.

Code of Conduct

House Rules

Consolidated house rules for T-Ball, Rookies, Minors, and Majors:
SVLL House Rules
(revised March 2020)

Juniors and Seniors play by district rules.

District 6 Interlock Rules

D6 Minors Interlock Rules
(revised March 2019)

D6 Majors Interlock Rules
(revised March 2019)


Batting Cage

Batting cage rules as posted in the cage
SVLL Batting Cage Rules