Coquitlam Summerball Tournament

July 26, 2021

The Vancouver Battalion sent two teams to the Coquitlam Summerball Tournament featuring every league in BC with a Juniors program. Both teams went through their respective pools undefeated, and wound up meeting in the finals. Congratulations to our Battalion Juniors team winning tournament gold and Battalion Intermediate winning tournament silver.

Coquitlam Summerball Tournament 1st place Junior Battalion


Diamond Classic 2021

September 24, 2021

Congratulations to the Battalion Juniors Fall Ball team, winners of the 2021 Back To School Diamond Classic hosted by The Dugout Club.

Battalion 2021 BC Juniors Champions

July 19, 2021

Battalion Juniors 2021 BC Champions

Congratulations to the District 6 Battalion Juniors All-Stars, winners of the 2021 Junior League BC Provincial Championship.

Battalion Juniors All-Stars 2021 BC Champions

Battalion Juniors All-Stars 2021 BC Champions

District 6 9/10 All-Stars

July 10, 2021

South Vancouver Little League is proud to host the 2021 District 6 9/10 All-Stars at the Joan & Phil Lake Diamond.

Congratulations to Trout Lake Little League, District 6 champions.

Game 1July 3 12:00pm[8] Trout Lake[0] South Vancouver
Game 2July 3 3:00pm[2] Hastings[3] New Westminster
Game 3July 4 12:00pm[2] South Vancouver[8] New Westminster
Game 4July 4 3:00pm[7] Trout Lake[5] Hastings
Game 5July 5 6:00pm[4] Hastings[2] South Vancouver
Game 6July 6 6:00pm[13] Trout Lake[3] New Westminster
Game 7July 8 6:00pm[8] Trout Lake[2] South Vancouver
Game 8July 9 6:00pm[1] New Westminster[2] Hastings
Game 9July 10 6:00pm[7] Trout Lake[1] Hastings

District 6 Majors All-Stars

July 18, 2021

South Vancouver Little League hosted the 2021 District 6 Majors All-Stars at the Joan & Phil Lake Diamond.

Congratulations to Trout Lake Little League, 2021 D6 Majors champions.

Game 1July 10 12:00pm[0] South Vancouver[7] Trout Lake
Game 2July 10 3:00pm[7] Hastings[0] New Westminster
Game 3July 11 12:00pm[1] New Westminster[11] South Vancouver
Game 4July 11 3:00pm[5] Trout Lake[0] Hastings
Game 5July 12 6:00pm[5] South Vancouver[4] Hastings
Game 6July 13 6:00pm[10] Trout Lake[2] New Westminster
Game 7July 15 6:00pm[5] Trout Lake[0] New Westminster
Game 8July 16 6:00pm[5] South Vancouver[16] Hastings
Game 9July 17 6:00pm[6] Trout Lake[7] Hastings
Game 10July 18 6:00pm[5] Hastings[10] Trout Lake

District 6 Rookies All-Stars

July 24, 2021

D6 Rookies All-Stars 2021South Vancouver Little League participates in the 2021 District 6 Rookies All-Stars.

Games take place July 18-25 at Trout Lake.

Game 2July 18 12:00pm[5] New Westminster[15] South Vancouver
Game 4July 19 12:00pm[2] Hastings[15] South Vancouver
Game 6July 19 6:00pm[7] Trout Lake[6] South Vancouver
Game 8 Semi-FinalJuly 23 6:00pm[15] South Vancouver[14] Hastings
Game 9 ChampionshipJuly 24 12:00pm[8] Trout Lake[7] South Vancouver