Historical results of the Battalion Juniors and Intermediate division teams

YearIntermediate All-StarsJuniors All-Stars
2023Canadian Nationals winnerBC Provincials winner
Canadian Nationals 2nd place
2022BC Provincials winnerCanadian Nationals winner
BC Provincials winner
2021no All-StarsBC Provincials winner
2020no All-Starsno All-Stars
2019BC Provincials 2nd place

Historical results of the South Vancouver Majors division teams

YearMajors HouseMajors D6 InterlockMajors All-Stars
2023Yankeesno interlockD6 winner
2022Yankeesno interlockD6 2nd place
2021Yankeesno interlock-
2020no playoffsno interlockno all-stars
2019Yankees-D6 2nd place
2018Yankees-D6 2nd place
2016Red Sox-D6 2nd place
2015Red Sox-BC Provincials host
2014YankeesYankees winners
Red Sox 2nd place
D6 winner
BC Provincials winner
Canadian winner
Little League World Series participant
2013YankeesRed Sox 2nd placeD6 2nd place
1976D6 winner
1972D6 winner

Historical results the Minors division teams

YearMinors HouseMinors D6 Interlock9/10 All-Stars
2023no playoffsno interlockD6 2nd place
2022no playoffsno interlockD6 2nd place
2021Dodgersno interlock-
2020no playoffsno interlockno all-stars
2019White Stripesno interlockBC 2nd place,
BC Provincials host
2018Falcons-D6 2nd place
2017Falcons-D6 2nd place
2016Athletics & Panthers-D6 2nd place
2015RoyalsDragons 2nd placeD6 2nd place
2014Black SoxDodgers winners
Veterans 2nd place
2013DodgersVeterans 2nd place-
2012CardinalsD6 winners
BC Provincials winners
2011Royal Eagles winnersD6 2nd place
2009Blue Jays
2008D6 2nd place
2006BC Provincials host

Historical results of the South Van Rookies division teams

YearRookies HouseRookies All-Stars
2023no playoffsD6 winners
2022no playoffsD6 2nd place
2021no playoffsD6 2nd place
2020no playoffsno All-Stars
2019Black SoxD6 2nd place
2018Fireballs & Blue Jays-
2016ThunderbirdsD6 2nd place
2015Green GiantsD6 winners
2014CyclonesD6 2nd place
2013StingersD6 2nd place
2012Blue JaysD6 2nd place
2011Black CrowsD6 2nd place
2010D6 winners
2009Red RocketsD6 2nd place