Team Duties

The team duties for each game are performed by the home team for all divisions except BlastBall.

  • Official score keeping and score board (Rookies, Minors, Majors, Juniors)
  • Field setup (before every game)
    • Lining the field
    • Drying diamond as directed by grounds crew (shop-vac, kitty litter)
  • Field cleanup (after every game)
    • Raking base paths
  • Field setup (before first or only game of day)
    • Placing bases and storing base plugs (all)
    • Setup of scoreboard (Rookies, Minors, Majors, Juniors)
    • Outfield banners and flags (Minors, Majors)
    • Unlocking score shack, washroom (Minors, Majors)
  • Field cleanup (after last or only game of day)
    • Storing bases and replacing base plugs (all)
    • Replacing pitching mound cover (Minors, Majors)
    • Put away scoreboard (Rookies, Minors, Majors, Juniors)
    • Outfield banners and flags (Minors, Majors)
    • Locking equipment bins (all)
    • Locking score shack, washroom, batting cage (Minors, Majors)

Duties performed by the visitor team

  • Concession representative (Minors, Majors - any game held at main diamond)
  • Spotter with a glove during softball games (T-Ball)

Team Parent Role

Each team in every division needs to have a Team Parent to fill the following duties:

  • Overall, ensures the team operates efficiently and does other related team duties that are not coaching related.
  • Assign parent duties (coaches and assistant coaches are exempt).
    • Field preparation (lining field before game, raking after game, banners before & after for main diamond, scoreboard)
    • Scorekeepers (Rookies, Minors, & Majors) (parents should attend scorekeeping training clinics)
    • Concession
    • Team snack, include coaches and assistant coaches. Nut free food only.
  • Team parent is generally not assigned any duties (except snacks) but is a backup if someone isn't there to take their shift
  • Communicate events and schedule with the team using TeamSnap
  • Help coach with knowing who will be missing or arriving late for games
  • Help with letting parents know location and arrival time of interlock & tournament games
  • Before season:
    • Distribute uniforms and record assignments.
  • Opening Day:
    • Distribute tickets (for food or draws, if applicable)
  • Photo Day:
    • Distribute order forms
    • Make sure all kids are there and in order set on the order form
  • Closing Day:
    • Distribute awards, pins, food, etc.
    • Collect all uniforms at end of season (cleaned and dry)
    • Distribute tickets (for food or draws, if applicable)

Scoreboard Procedure

Beginning of day procedures for the large scoreboard at the Joan & Phil Lake Diamond

  1. Get the ladder from the batting cage. You will need the cage key which all coaches have, it is the same as the equipment bin key.
  2. Take the ladder out to the board. The yellow power cord will be hanging around the fence. Climb the ladder with the cord and plug into the board on the bottom.
  3. While up the ladder there are two fly clips holding the Vancity sign cover. Please take out the clips, which will allow the cover to drop (we have to have this covered when not in use per Vancouver Parks Board). Replace the fly clips in their slots at the top of the Vancity sign so they do not get lost.
  4. Take ladder back to batting cage. Plug the yellow extension cord in at the west end of the cage to the power socket.
  5. Go to the score shack and turn on the scoreboard remote to make sure it is all working.

End of day procedures

  1. Turn off the remote in the score shack.
  2. Unplug the extension cord in the batting cage. Get the ladder from the batting cage.
  3. Bring the ladder to the score board. Remove the fly clips, pull up the Vancity cover and replace the fly clips in their slots to close up the Vancity sign.
  4. Unplug the extension cord from the bottom of the board and wrap around the fence on the yellow fence cap.
  5. Return ladder to the batting cage and lock the cage.