2021 Registration SVLL BlastBall to Majors

2021 Registration Battalion Juniors & Seniors

2021 season registration requirements

  • Online registration - contact information for teams and TeamSnap and required agreements
  • Registration fee - online registration payment or KidSport (if applying for KidSport or similar program register online after requesting a waiver code for the fees from
  • Uniform deposit - paid with online registration, refunded to the original credit card after verification of uniform return at end of season
  • If requested: proof of medical coverage - copy of child's BC CareCard
  • If requested: proof of age - copy of child's birth certificate
  • If requested: 3 proofs of residence - copies of utility bills or drivers license (dated or in force between February 1 2020 to February 1 2021)
  • If requested: School Enrollment Form (if residing out of boundaries and attending school within boundaries)

League Boundaries

Players T-Ball to Majors must have their primary residence or enrolled school within the league boundaries in South Vancouver or South Burnaby. Please check the league boundaries map for qualification.

Age Chart

Match month (top line) with year of birth. League age and division indicated at right. Or use the league age calculator.
This chart is only for the 2021 baseball season.


Register 2021 Season

2021 Registration Fees

$0     BlastBall age 4
$180 T-Ball ages 5 & 6 **
$210 Rookies ages 7 & 8 *
$230 Minors ages 9 & 10 *
$230 Majors ages 11 & 12 *
$275 Juniors ages 13 & 14 **
$275 Seniors ages 15 & 16 **

* plus $50 uniform deposit
** plus $25 uniform deposit


Your registration is not confirmed until the Registrar has reviewed eligibility, including proofs of residence within league boundaries and proof of age. You may be contacted if there are questions about eligibility. If the registration is not approved, fees paid will be refunded.


Your receipt will be issued when paying online. No other receipts will be issued.

Uniform Deposit

Starting with the 2021 season, there will be a fully refundable uniform deposit included with registration.

DivisionDepositDeposit For Return OfNo Deposit
BlastBall$0players keep jersey
T-Ball$25baseball pantsplayers keep jersey
Rookies$50baseball pants
players keep socks
Minors$50baseball pants
players keep socks
Majors$50baseball pants
players keep socks
players keep socks
players supply baseball pants
players keep socks
players supply baseball pants

All divisions - players keep their hat.

If players keep uniform for post-season tournaments, deposit will be refunded on return after the tournament.

The deposit will be refunded to the payment card at the end of season when the uniform is returned.

Refund Policy

Players registered in an age division that are subsequently assessed and move to a lower division for safety and player development reasons may qualify for a refund of the difference in the registration costs. Conversely players moved to an older division may need to pay additional registration to match that division's fee.

Refunds for will be processed by the Registrar by completing the registration withdrawal form.

All refunds are subject to the following policies:

  • Refunds are paid only after return of any issued uniform and equipment
  • Refunds will be refunded to the credit card that paid the fees, or on request by e-Transfer or cheque to the person who paid registration
  • Fees paid by a third party (i.e. KidSport) will be refunded directly to the third party

Refunds for the regular spring season are subject to the following policies:

  • Withdrawal before Start of Season (April 11): full refund
  • Withdrawal on or after Start of Season (April 11) and up to and including 21 days after Start of Season (May 2): 50% refund
  • Withdrawal after 21 days from Start of Season: no refund
  • Refund from division change: difference of registration fees as of the date originally paid

Refunds for Fall Ball, tournaments such as All-Stars and Selects, Fall & Winter Clinics, and other activities are subject to the following policies:

  • Withdrawal before first scheduled game: full refund, less payment processing fees
  • Withdrawal after first scheduled game: no refund
  • Withdrawal from Clinics before first clinic: full refund, less payment processing fees
  • Withdrawal from Clinics after first clinic: prorated from date of request

Registration FAQ

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