Sussex Insurance South Van Little League Victoria Day 9/10 Invitational TournamentFirst place - Jericho Red Sox
Second place - South Van Falcons
Third place - Langley Rebels

Jericho Red Sox won the 4th annual Sussex Insurance Victoria Day 9/10 Invitational. Games held at the Phil & Joan Lake Diamond at Memorial South Park.

2017 Sussex Insurance Invitational

South Van Sussex Victoria Day 9/10 Invitational Tournament gold Jericho Red Sox and silver South Van Falcons


Game 1May 18 6:00pm[9] Trout Lake Giants[15] South Van Falcons
Game 2May 19 6:00pm[21] South Van Giants[9] New Westminster Mets
Game 3May 20 9:00am[10] Dunbar GH Street [11] South Van Falcons
Game 4May 20 12:30pm[14] Langley Rebels[7] Trout Lake Giants
Game 5May 20 3:30pm[8] New Westminster Mets[9] Hastings Blue Jays
Game 6May 20 6:30pm[15] Jericho Red Sox[8] South Van Giants
Game 7May 21 9:00am[9] Hastings Blue Jays[10] South Van Giants
Game 8May 21 12:00pm[9] Dunbar GH Street[12] Trout Lake Giants
Game 9May 21 3:00pm[7] New Westminster Mets[16] Jericho Red Sox
Game 10May 21 6:00pm[7] South Van Falcons[3] Langley Rebels
Game 11May 22 9:00am[12] Jericho Red Sox[12] Hastings Blue Jays
Game 12May 22 12:00pm[13] Langley Rebels[12] Dunbar GH Street
BronzeMay 22 3:00pm[L] South Van Giants[W] Langley Rebels
GoldMay 22 6:00pm[12] Jericho Red Sox[11] South Van Falcons