Respect In Sport Training

New for 2018, South Van Little League is offering online safety training for coaches and parents. More detail can be found on the Coach Resources page.

Respect In Sport Activity Leaders

Mandatory in 2018 for T-Ball and Rookies coaches, optional for Minors and Majors coaches, and mandatory for all All-Stars coaches. Instructions here, link will be emailed from your division coordinator.


Respect In Sport Parents

Required for parents of All-Stars and optional for any parents, without reimbursement by the League: with instructions here.

Approved Bats

USA Baseball

As mentioned last year, Little League has adopted a new standard for approved bats starting with the 2018 season.

Non-wood and laminated bats used in Little League must have the USA Baseball logo and having a diameter no larger than 2 5/8″. All BPF 1.15 bats used in previous years will be prohibited.

South Vancouver Little League will enforce the new bat standard for Minors and Majors divisions. T-Ball and Rookies divisions will be allowed in 2018 to use bats from the previous standard in league games providing they do not exceed 26″. The new USA Baseball standard must be met for any tournament play. All teams are equipped with the new bat standard, personal bats are optional.

More information from Little League:
Baseball Bat Information and Baseball Bat Rules
Little League USA Baseball Bat Standard