SVLL Hit-A-Thon 2024

South Vancouver Little League’s Hit-A-Thon fundraiser is open for donations to June 14 for top player and team fundraising prizes.


Players that raise money up to June 14 can win prizes that will be awarded at closing ceremonies:

  • PlayStation 5 drawn from the top fundraiser from each division
  • Canadians tickets for the top fundraiser from each division
  • Pizza party for the overall top fundraising team
  • SVLL satin jacket for players that raise $500 or more
  • SVLL navy or white hoodie for players that raise $300 to $499
  • SVLL tee shirt for players that raise $150 to $299

Player Prizes

Players that participated in the hit-a-thon on May 5 will receive prizes at closing ceremonies:

  • $100 gift card for longest hit for each boy and girl in Minors, Majors, and Intermediates
  • $50 gift card for longest hit for each boy and girl in BlastBall, T-Ball, and Rookies


  • Select your team from the list below and click Join The Team
  • Fill in your player’s information and email address and your personal target
  • Click Join
  • You will be emailed with a fundraising link – share this link for contributions to be credited to the player and team.
  • Contributions are not eligible as a charitable donation for tax purposes.

Battalion Bears
Majors Yankees
Majors Wahoos
Majors Sluggers
Majors Greyhounds
Majors Buccaneers
Majors Avalanche
Minors Red Vipers
Minors Orange Crushers
Minors Navy Gravy Beans
Minors Black Aces
Rookies Red Rovers
Rookies Senior Green
Rookies Black Sox
Rookies Royal Blue Wolves
Rookies Thunder Cats
Rookies White Caps
Rookies Chameleons
Rookies Junior Grey
Rookies Burgundy Burgers
Rookies Blue Bears
T-Ball Blue Jays
T-Ball Red Rocket Raccoons
T-Ball Purple Unicorns
T-Ball Orange Tigers
T-Ball Blue Ninjas
T-Ball Maroon Monsoon
T-Ball River Runners
T-Ball Robowolves
T-Ball Green Geckos
T-Ball Cheetahs
T-Ball Charcoal Coyotes
T-Ball Pirates
BlastBall Yellow
BlastBall Royal Blue Whales
BlastBall Red Rockets
BlastBall Purple
BlastBall Orange Tiger Cubs
BlastBall Blue Jays
BlastBall Maroon Five
BlastBall Green Monsters