Both the Royals and Yankees participated in the 45th Annual Hyack Majors Baseball Tournament from May 22nd to May 24th Moody Park in New Westminster.

Highlights include Justin Maunahan of the South Van Royals tying for 2nd place in the Home Run Derby.

MVP for Friday: Brandan Kingsbury
MVP for Saturday: Oscar Haley
MVP for Sunday: Brandon Bourke

GameMay 22 6:00pm[0] South Van Royals[14] Hastings Expos
GameMay 22 6:00pm[11] Coquitlam Mariners[6] South Van Yankees
GameMay 23 2:45pm[8] North Langley Dodgers[8] South Van Yankees
GameMay 23 2:45pm[8] South Van Royals[5] Forest Hills Super Value
GameMay 24 10:00am[14] Hastings Blue Jays[4] South Van Yankees
GameMay 24 10:00am[13] South Van Royals[7] Langley City Yankees