2023 Intermediate League Canadian Championship

Tournament Schedule

Game 1July 16 10:00am[10] Firebirds (British Columbia)[0] Diamond Baseball Academy (Quebec)
Game 2July 16 1:00pm[7] Cape Breton Ramblers (Atlantic)[5] Lethbridge (Alberta)
Game 3July 16 5:00pm[0] North Regina (Prairies)[8] Battalion (Host)
Game 4July 17 11:00am[1] Lethbridge (Alberta)[10] Ancaster Diamondbacks (Ontario)
Game 5July 17 2:00pm[5] Cape Breton Ramblers (Atlantic)[8] North Regina (Prairies)
Game 6July 17 5:00pm[5] Battalion (Host)[8] Firebirds (British Columbia)
Game 7July 18 11:00am[8] Lethbridge (Alberta)[4] North Regina (Prairies)
Game 8July 18 2:00pm[2] Firebirds (British Columbia)[1] Ancaster Diamondbacks (Ontario)
Game 9July 18 5:00pm[16] Battalion (Host)[1] Diamond Baseball Academy (Quebec)
Game 10July 19 9:00am[10] Cape Breton Ramblers (Atlantic)[9] Ancaster Diamondbacks (Ontario)
Game 11July 19 12:00pm[0] Lethbridge (Alberta)[10] Firebirds (British Columbia)
Game 12July 19 3:00pm[10] Diamond Baseball Academy (Quebec)[2] North Regina (Prairies)
Game 13July 20 11:00am[7] Diamond Baseball Academy (Quebec)[9] Ancaster Diamondbacks (Ontario)
Game 14July 20 2:00pm[0] Cape Breton Ramblers (Atlantic)[16] Firebirds (British Columbia)
Game 15July 20 5:00pm[7] Battalion (Host)[5] Lethbridge (Alberta)
Game 16July 21 11:00am[8] North Regina (Prairies)[18] Firebirds (British Columbia)
Game 17July 21 2:00pm[12] Cape Breton Ramblers (Atlantic)[4] Diamond Baseball Academy (Quebec)
Game 18July 21 5:00pm[6] Battalion (Host)[5] Ancaster Diamondbacks (Ontario)
Game 19July 22 11:00am[9] Lethbridge (Alberta)[11] Diamond Baseball Academy (Quebec)
Game 20July 22 2:00pm[8] North Regina (Prairies)[7] Ancaster Diamondbacks (Ontario)
Game 21July 22 5:00pm[4] Cape Breton Ramblers (Atlantic)[8] Battalion (Host)
Game 22 Semi-FinalJuly 24 11:00am[12] Battalion (Host)[2] Cape Breton Ramblers (Atlantic)
Game 23 Semi-FinalJuly 24 2:00pm
July 25 1:30pm
[7] Firebirds (British Columbia)[0] Ancaster Diamondbacks (Ontario)
ChampionshipJuly 25 4:00pm[3] Battalion (Host)[2] Firebirds (British Columbia)

All games held at Palmer Baseball Complex, Richmond, BC

Round Robin Standings

1Firebirds (British Columbia)6606414
2Vancouver Battalion (Host)6515023
3Cape Breton Ramblers (Atlantic)6333850
4Ancaster Diamondbacks (Ontario)6244134
5North Regina Little League (Prairies)6243056
6Diamond Baseball Academy (Quebec)6243358
7Lethbridge Little League (Alberta)6152849

Updated after July 22 games


Opening Ceremonies on Sunday, July 16 at 3:30pm.

Rain Day contingency for make up of rained out games is Sunday, July 22.

Tournament Banquet held Wednesday, July 19 at Totem Park, UBC. Doors at 6:30pm, dinner at 7:00pm. Banquet is free for players and coaches. There are a limited number of paid tickets available for family members on a first come first serve basis. Casual dress and no uniforms required.

Participating Teams

  • British Columbia - District 3 Firebirds
  • Alberta - Lethbridge Little League
  • Prairies - North Regina Little League
  • Ontario - Ancaster Diamondbacks
  • Quebec - Diamond Baseball Academy
  • Atlantic - Cape Breton Ramblers
  • Host - Vancouver Battalion
Canadian Intermediate Nationals 2023

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Tournament Directors

Tournament Director: Corinne Chow
Tournament Chair: Cameron Phillips

Your Host

Vancouver Battalion