2019 9/10 All-Stars BC Provincials

Tournament Schedule

Game 1July 13 11:00am[3] Layritz (D7)[14] Little Mountain (D1)
Game 2July 13 3:15pm[1] Trout Lake (D6)[2] Highlands (D5)
Game 3July 13 6:00pm[1] Langley (D3)[9] South Vancouver (Host)
Game 4July 14 10:00am[14] Trout Lake (D6)[4] Layritz (D7)
Game 5July 14 1:00pm[6] Langley (D3)[4] Little Mountain (D1)
Game 6July 14 4:00pm[2] Highlands (D5)[5] South Vancouver (Host)
Game 7July 15 12:00pm[6] Trout Lake (D6)[4] Langley (D3)
Game 8July 15 3:00pm[6] Highlands (D5)[10] Layritz (D7)
Game 9July 15 6:00pm[3] South Vancouver (Host)[9] Little Mountain (D1)
Game 10 July 16 12:00pm[11] Langley (D3)[5] Highlands (D5)
Game 11July 16 3:00pm[8] Trout Lake (D6)[1] Little Mountain (D1)
Game 12July 16 6:00pm[10] South Vancouver (Host)[0] Layritz (D7)
Game 13July 17 12:00pm[1] Little Mountain (D1)[0] Highlands (D5)
Game 14July 17 3:00pm[9] Langley (D3)[6] Layritz (D7)
Game 15July 17 6:00pm[4] South Vancouver (Host)[3] Trout Lake (D6)
Game 16 Semi-FinalJuly 19 3:00pm[3] Langley (D3)[9] Trout Lake (D6)
Game 17 Semi-FinalJuly 19 6:00pm[4] Little Mountain (D1) [6] South Vancouver (Host)
Game 18 ChampionshipJuly 20 4:00pm[1] South Vancouver (Host)[3] Trout Lake (D6)


1South Vancouver (Host)5413115
2Trout Lake (D6)5323215
3Langley (D3)5323130
4Little Mountain (D1)5322920
5Highlands (D5)5141528
6Layritz (D7)5142353

After all round robin games

2019 9/10 BC Provincials Champions Trout Lake Little League

Trout Lake Little League 2019 9-10 Champions


All games held at the Joan & Phil Lake Diamond, at Memorial South Park.


Welcome package for participants in the 2019 tournament: 9/10 Provincials Welcome Package


Coaches meeting will on Friday July 12 at 8:30pm at the batting cage next to the Joan & Phil Lake Diamond at Memorial South Park.

Opening Ceremonies on Saturday July 13 at 1:30pm.

Rain Day contingency for make up of rained out games is Thursday July 18.

Tournament Banquet held Sunday July 14 at 6:30pm at the Holiday Inn Vancouver Centre Arbutus Ballroom, doors open at 6pm. Banquet is free for players and coaches. There are a limited number of paid tickets available for family members on a first come first serve basis. Buy your tickets here on Eventbrite before July 10. Casual dress no uniforms required.


  • District 1 (Vancouver West Side) - Little Mountain
  • District 3 (Fraser Valley) - Langley
  • District 5 (North Shore) - Highlands
  • District 6 (Vancouver East Side, New Westminster, Richmond) - Trout Lake
  • District 7 (Victoria, Vancouver Island) - Layritz
  • Host - South Vancouver
9-10 BC Provincials 2019

Tournament Directors

Tournament Director: Corinne Chow
Tournament Chair: Cameron Phillips

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