South Van Red Sox finished in 3rd place in the 2013 Don Sheard Wooden Bat Majors Tournament at Trout Lake.

Game 8April 6 4:00pm[10] South Van Red Sox[0] Little Mountain
Game 9April 7 10:00am[12] South Van Red Sox[1] Trout Lake Angels
Game 11April 7 1:00pm[5] South Van Red Sox[1] Hastings
Semi-FinalApril 8 6:00pm[1] South Van Red Sox[4] New Westminster
BronzeApril 9 6:00pm[8] South Van Red Sox[3] Forest Hills

South Van Cardinals participated in the 2013 Howard Matsumoto Majors B Tournament hosted by Little Mountain Baseball.

Game 1May 2 6:00pm[8] South Van Cardinals[11] Little Mountain Roynat
Game 7May 4 3:00pm[13] South Van Cardinals[12] Little Mountain ADP Turbo
Game 10May 5 9:00am[5] South Van Cardinals[16] Little Mountain Clarkdale

South Van Yankees played in the 2013 Stong’s Majors Invitational Tournament hosted by Dunbar Little League.

Game 1May 18 9:15am[3] South Van Yankees[4] Little Mountain
Game 5May 19 9:45am[7] South Van Yankees[1] Dunbar Meats
Game 10May 20 12:30pm[17] South Van Yankees[6] Kerrisdale 6