South Vancouver Little League hosted the 2006 BC 9/10 Year Old Provincial Championship from July 15-24, 2006.

Whalley is the 2006 9-10 Champion.

  • District 1 Vancouver West Side: Dunbar
  • District 3 Fraser Valley: Whalley
  • District 4 Northern BC: Prince George
  • District 5 North Shore: Mount Seymour
  • District 6 Vancouver East Side: Hastings
  • District 7 Vancouver Island: Esquimalt

Game 1July 15 12:00pm[9] Dunbar (D1)[7] Prince George (D4)
Game 2July 15 3:00pm[10] Whalley (D3)[11] Esquimalt (D7)
Game 3July 15 6:00pm[0] South Vancouver (host)[1] Hastings (D6)
Game 4July 16 9:00am[4] Mount Seymour (D5)[14] Whalley (D3)
Game 5July 16 12:00pm[9] Hastings (D6)[7] Esquimalt (D7)
Game 6July 16 3:00pm[2] South Vancouver (host)[4] Dunbar (D1)
Game 7July 17 12:00pm[4] Hastings (D6)[25] Whalley (D3)
Game 8July 17 3:00pm[1] Prince George (D4)[9] Mount Seymour (D5)
Game 9July 17 6:00pm[7] South Vancouver (host)[6] Esquimalt (D7)
Game 10July 18 12:00pm[9] Mount Seymour (D5)[10] Hastings (D6)
Game 11July 18 3:00pm[6] Dunbar (D1)[0] Esquimalt (D7)
Game 12July 18 6:00pm[6] South Vancouver (host)[22] Prince George (D4)
Game 13July 19 12:00pm[2] Dunbar (D1)[10] Whalley (D3)
Game 14July 19 3:00pm[5] Prince George (D4)[6] Hastings (D6)
Game 15July 19 6:00pm[12] South Vancouver (D6)[5] Mount Seymour (D5)
Game 16July 20 9:00am[3] Prince George (D4)[2] Esquimalt (D7)
Game 17July 20 12:00pm[5] Dunbar (D1)[8] Mount Seymour (D5)
Game 18July 20 3:00pm[3] South Vancouver (host)[25] Whalley (D3)
Game 19July 21 12:00pm[16] Mount Seymour (D5)[4] Esquimalt (D7)
Game 20July 21 3:00pm[5] Whalley (D3)[3] Prince George (D4)
Game 21July 21 6:00pm[7] Dunbar (D1)[8] Hastings (D6)
Game 22July 22 12:00pm[5] Dunbar (D1)[8] Mount Seymour (D5)
Semi-FinalJuly 22 3:00pm[12] Whalley (D3)[0] Hastings (D6)
Semi-FinalJuly 23 12:00pm[14] Mount Seymour (D5)[0] Hastings (D6)
ChampionshipJuly 24 6:00pm[23] Whalley (D3)[6] Mount Seymour (D5)

*An undefeated team does not have to be beaten twice