South Vancouver Little League hosted the 2022 District 6 Majors All-Stars tournament at the Joan & Phil Lake Diamond at Memorial South Park.

Congratulations to the winner of the tournament, Trout Lake Little League.

Opening ceremonies: Saturday July 9 2:00pm
Team photographs: Saturday July 9 2:00pm

Game 1Friday July 8 6:00pm[6] Trout Lake[1] New Westminster
Game 2Saturday July 9 12:00pm[16] Trout Lake[0] Richmond
Game 3Saturday July 9 3:00pm[7] Hastings[8] South Vancouver
Game 4Sunday July 10 12:00pm[6] Trout Lake[1] Hastings
Game 5Sunday July 10 3:00pm[0] Richmond[10] New Westminster
Game 6Monday July 11 6:00pm[4] Hastings[6] New Westminster
Game 7Tuesday July 12 6:00pm[4] Trout Lake[5] South Vancouver
Game 8Wednesday July 13 6:00pm[3] New Westminster[11] South Vancouver
Game 9Thursday July 14 6:00pm[10] Hastings[0] Richmond
Game 10Friday July 15 6:00pm[10] South Vancouver[0] Richmond
Game 11 Semi-FinalSaturday July 16 12:00pm[3] South Vancouver[2] Hastings
Game 12 Semi-FinalSaturday July 16 3:00pm[5] Trout Lake[2] New Westminster
Game 13 ChampionshipSunday July 17 12:00pm[10] Trout Lake[4] South Vancouver
Game 14 ChampionshipMonday July 18 6:00pm[2] South Vancouver[4] Trout Lake

1st place team, if undefeated in championship, must be beaten twice